The Game

Because of the unlikelihood that all people interested in playing this game will be in the same city, let along the same state or country even, we have decided to hold it online through a series of Google + Hangouts.  So it is required that you have a webcam and reliable internet access to participate.  Also, the game master is located in the PST zone, all game sessions will be planned accordingly.  To find out if we need more players, ask the game master here.  You must have a Google + account to participate, if you need an invite let the game master know.  There can be up to 10 people in a Google + Hangout so that is the limit of players we can have.  If you join the game late your character's story will be adjusted accordingly, same goes if you miss a game day two.

The game will be like a normal tabletop RPG except that we will not be sitting next to each other.  Because of that, the GM will roll the dice and draw the map here.  

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