The Story

Long ago there was a time of great peace and tranquility in the world.  Queen Serenity knew, however, that it would not last. Soon enough the people were restless and a war broke out.  During that time, Serenity knew she had to do something that would not be taken well, she fled.  Safe in the secret kingdom of the moon she watched the world destroy itself.  Her guilt grew and she hid herself deeper in the caverns of the moon.  There she crafted and created great warriors to save the Earth, since she could not herself.  Then she placed them in a long sleep and sent them to Earth, however by the time they awoke the war was over and the world was rebuilding itself with out the help of the coward queen or her warriors.  So the warriors  remained in a suspended animation, hidden in the air and soul of the planet until their help was needed.

Meanwhile, in North America a couple was expecting their first child.  Dravon Glimer was the CEO of a new post-war company dedicated to the re-construction of the human body.  The damages left on the population from the war were devastating and his new business 'Cosmetic Industeries' helped make people feel like themselves again.  His wife, Evalra Gilmer, was ill however, she was not going to live through childbirth, Davon feared. Once the child was born she died.  Stricken with grief, he called upon the powers of necromancy to bring her back.  It worked, but he brought something else back with her, something that decided to live inside her.  When she awoke her left arm into a claw-like appendage and before she knew what she was doing, she stabbed her husband in the chest.  As he lay dying, she grabbed the newborn child and ran for the company building.  There she locked her daughter in the tallest tower and told the world she had died.  She claimed to know nothing of her husbands death.  As the years went by, Evalra constructed a false arm to cover her blade like claw arm.  She continued to run Cosmetic Industries and it became more and more successful.  She kept her daughter, Mallory, a secret however and never let her leave the tower.  If if was not for Mallory, her husband might still be alive, she never let her child forget that.  The evil forces Evalra brought back from death were growing inside her.  She gained many strange powers that kept her controlling her empire, her daughter, and anything else she needed to.

Eventually the frozen warriors needed to be woken up.  They had been residing in the lives and bodies of teenagers, and now must be reminded of their purpose.  They have to regain their identities and Sailor Scouts and Knights to fight a demon-like industrial queen with power from beyond the grave.  That's where Nasira need to come into play.  Nasira, the adviser to the queen, had secretly followed her to the moon kingdom.  When it was clear the warriors had to be woken up, she transformed into a cat and traveled to Earth.

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